Happy [soon to be] Spooktober! While our topics for October don't technically fall into the spooky category, we will be digging into the spookiness of......religiously fueled state violence and capitalism??? But in like, a fun way! Honestly!!

5 teenagers walking down a hallway

Derry Girls has captured our hearts and souls and lead at least one of us to play "Dreams" by The Cranberries every time she was in her car for two solid weeks! The two short seasons of this show are available on Netflix and you will absolutely wheeze-laugh and also feel a lot of Feelings about its central group of teenagers. It's set during the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1990s and does a remarkable job of capturing both the intensity and mundanity of living in a war zone, especially when you're 16 and really just looking for someone to snog. Please please watch and show up with notes about which Derry girl you most relate to. Also we'd advise watching with subtitles, as the speech is fast, the accents thick, and the slang abundant. Catch yourself on!!

Sister Michael saying "You might want to think about wising up."

Hustlers - If you're on twitter at all, you've probably seen the timeline going NUTS for this movie about a group of strippers who scam their wealthy clients during the financial crisis. It's based on a true story, chronicled in the excellent article "The Hustlers At Scores" by Jessica Pressler, and features amazing performances by Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Lili Reinhart, and JENNIFER FREAKIN LOPEZ. We want it to win every single Oscar and possibly a Nobel prize. Go! See! It! In! Theaters! NOW!!!!

Four women from Hustlers jumping

Stranger Things - oh wait this one actually is kind of spooky? If you are a breathing person who watches TV you are probably familiar with Stranger Things and though there's little chance we'll be able to summon the same excitement for it as we can for our other two topics, there's a lot to be unpacked and discussed here, and also possibly a lyrical poem about Steve Harrington's hair.

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things shaking his shoulders

Best spook forward, or something like that,

Hannah and Kels