FEBRUARY 2020 PREVIEW: the hottest trashbags on TV

The Oscars happened, and they were actually….pretty decent? Like, don’t get us wrong, the nominations were still a garbage fire mostly dedicated to keeping whiteness and maleness at the center of ~filmmaking success~ but also PARASITE WON FOUR OSCARS???? WE LOVE TO SEE IT!!!!! BONGHIVE ASSEMBLE!!

Image result for bong joon ho
image: Bong Joon-ho making two of his Oscars kiss.

Some other wins we liked: Taika Waititi winning Best Adapted Screenplay (the first Indigenous person to even be nominated in the category), the fabulous Jacqueline Durran for costuming Little Women, Matthew Cherry and Karen Rupert Toliver winning for the fantastic animated short Hair Love, Kelsey absolutely trouncing the competition by correctly predicting 18/24 wins, the conductor for the Best Score snippets, Idina Menzel just existing in general.

Image result for idina menzel oscars 2020 laughing gif
gif: Idina Menzel laughing

Okay moving on to our topics for February, which are both about people who start out Not Great. Some of them spend the show trying to be better, and some………certainly do not.

Kristen Bell Nbc GIF by The Good Place
gif: Eleanor on The Good Place by a shrimp dispenser saying “This is the dream”

The Good Place - our first repeat topic! We talked about The Good Place in our very first letter, and when the series ended this month we had a LOT to say/weep about. We’re gonna get very spoilery so catch the fork up!!

Image result for succession kendall rapping gif
image: Kendall in Succession rapping, “But since I stan Dad I’m alive and well”

Succession - that’s right, we’re finally talking about the big money, bad people show!! Kelsey technically still has two episodes left because she watches hour-long dramas at a GLACIAL pace these days, but in the meantime has been sending Hannah some extremely unhinged live-texts about it. We’ll talk about what makes this show about truly awful billionaires so compelling in 2020, and who amongst the Roys we each have some *ahem* shameful feelings about. We’re gonna get spoilery here too, so come ready with your theories about who will get the kiss from daddy!

Hbo GIF by SuccessionHBO
gif: Roman in Succession saying “I’m dumb, but I’m smart.”

Go outdoors if you can, or if you live in Minnesota maybe just look out a window.

Hannah & Kels

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